A day in the life of the Old Quarter of Hanoi

I spent a delightful day, walking, walking, walking, all over the Old Quarter of Hanoi. It was very easy to get around with a map. All the roads are marked with signs and the city is quite clean and the traffic is relatively tame (after India).


Morning traffic

French colonial building

Cyclo and driver

street vendors selling jackfruit and water chestnuts

Photo shoot at the Hoan Kiem lake

Hoan Kiem Lake

Park around the lake

Lunch at Pho 29

School trip to the library

These kids didn't want to go to the library


Drinking lemon tea around the church

Fruit vendor


More pho in a street food alley

More street food



About Rahul Vora

Foodie, Traveler, Adventurer, Nature lover, Yogi, now blogger!
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1 Response to A day in the life of the Old Quarter of Hanoi

  1. geeta says:

    loved hanoi- same tree on the lake and the church still looks the same. did you go to see Ho chi minhs embalmed body and the ten thousand year temple ? also try morning exercising at the peoples park or was it lenin park ?

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