Vietnam on a plate

Actually, many, many, many little plates.

On my first night in Hanoi, I was met by Linh and her boyfriend Luc. My friend Jeff’s wife Sue, who works with a software outsourcing outfit in Vietnam had asked them to show me some good eats in Hanoi. I had no idea what what about to unfold.

We took a taxi to a restaurant called Quan An Ngon. It was nothing like I had ever seen. Between the various indoor rooms and a giant outdoor courtyard, there must have been at least a coupleof hundred people dining. The outdoor courtyard was lined with “open-air mini-kitchens, each specializing in dishes from a specific region of Vietnam, with the names of the dishes displayed on plate-sized red and yellow wicker discs. You walk around the courtyard and select what you want and then find a spot on one of the many communal tables and wait for the dishes to arrive. I have no words to describe what appeared on our table. Pictures will have to do the talking:


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