A water wonderland

I went on a three-day trip to Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. It was a bit foggy and didn’t quite measure up to the blue-sky and blue-water postcards, but on the other hand,  it was very peaceful and relaxing.

The group, from left: Dewey (Japan), Shao Li (China), Daisy (England), Rahul (USA), Chloe(England)

Dewey and Shao Li at the top of the hike on Cat Ba

The bungalow at Monkey Island

Dewey and I went for a paddle around Monkey Island

Looking out from the top of Monkey Island


About Rahul Vora

Foodie, Traveler, Adventurer, Nature lover, Yogi, now blogger!
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2 Responses to A water wonderland

  1. Sonia says:

    Wow, so beautiful even if foggy. Thanks for sharing these really incredible pictures. Of course, I love the photo of the fruit. It just doesn’t compare to the display of tropical fruit they have at New Seasons this weekend. Sample some for me!


  2. Nivedita says:

    Great pictures! It’s such an awesome place. Glad that you got to do the kayak trip finally 🙂

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