Morocco Day 0

Arrived in Marrakech after a long journey, made a little extra long because our flight from London had to make a landing in Lisbon because a passenger had a heart attack.

Got to our Riad around 10 pm and were greeted by our very hospitable hosts Christian and Isabelle, who are French.

First, we had some awesome Moroccan tea and a Moroccan sweet made with dates and honey. Then we were shown our room. Wow, it is a beauty, very romantically appointed, with rose petals everywhere, one even in the toilet bowl!

Rohan, of course, grunted with disgust when I pointed out that what we have is a bona fide honeymoon suite.



And then Christian took us to the Jemma, the giant square in the Medina, which is the old city, where the Riad is, and it was an amazing scene, even at 10 45 pm, with dozens of food stalls selling all kinds of Moroccan food, fruits, juices, olives, dates, etc etc. Rohan’s face lit up like a Christmas tree as we spied Merguez being grilled in a cluster of stalls and benches packed with locals and some tourists. We thanked Christian and told him we will return to the Riad later. We then cruised the square and finally sat down for platefuls of Merguez, chicken kebabs and grilled eggplant with flatbread and Moroccan salad. We got hounded by hustlers a bit, so we are hoping to shed our obviously not-local attire (Rohan’s Livestrong shorts, down jacket and hipster baseball hat didn’t help, though he claims it was all me) and try to blend in a little. I have hopes because one of the customs guy at the airport asked me if I was Moroccan!


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1 Response to Morocco Day 0

  1. Sonia says:

    I absolutely love the lamps in your bedroom!!! And of course it is natural for a 20-something boy to not be so thrilled about sharing the honeymoon suite with his dad 😉

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