Marrakech Day 2

Today, we took in the sights. First, we saw Palace El Badi, or the remains of it. It was a very peaceful setting.


There are orange groves and a giant pool to irrigate them inside the complex. Storks roost famously on the ramparts.



After that, we saw the Saadin Tombs,


In between, we popped into a little market, where we made friends with a shopkeeper who sells all kinds of olives, green and red Harissa, preserved lemons and lots more. We bought some amazing olives and preserved lemons.

After a quick lunch of fried sardines, lentil soup, bread and olives, we took a taxi to Majorelle gardens, part botanical garden, part Art Deco architecture and part Moroccan aesthetic. It was beautiful.




Then back to the Riad for a siesta


Had dinner at Dar Es Salaam, a restaurant that seems to be inside a very ornate former house. It was gorgeous. We had tagines of chicken and lamb.



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1 Response to Marrakech Day 2

  1. Nivedita says:

    All the food descriptions are making me very very jealous.. and so are the beautiful pictures 🙂
    Looks like you guys are having a great trip. Enjoy and keep posting 🙂

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