Primary Colors in Maximum City

Mumbai is known by some as Maximum City and for good reason. People, cars, dogs, cows, you name it. It can make you crazy or it can make you curious but either way you will be having a maximum experience. I’ve had many of these experiences already in merely one day. Here are some snapshots;

-Our driver from the airport loaded up our luggage and then walked away! Fortunately he returned after a brief disappearing act…
-We went to an ATM which made all the indications that it was dispensing money except it didn’t! When we reported it to the manager of the bank he told Rahul to write a letter and gave him a blank piece of paper! To whom the letter was to be written, we haven’t the foggiest…
-We were scammed by a street person fairly early in the morning which resulted in the parting of $15 for a flower bracelet.
-We almost got run over several times as it is nearly impossible to cross the streets without running for your life. By the way, the car honking is incessant.
-One of the funnier things about our room is that there are about 10 switches, unmarked, in every room so turning the lights on and off is an exercise in trial and error.switches

Today we passed by a couple of very awesome pre-colonial Parsi temples. Parsi are the people who came to the Bombay area from Persia who practice Zoroastrianism. DSCN0011

I’ve noticed an abundance of very beautiful butterflies of all sizes and colors. There are also many stray dogs and random cows roaming the streets. The food has been very good. Highlights are fresh watermelon juice and pineapple juice and Mosambi juice, made from a very special kind of citrus fruit.


Jet Lag is kicking our butts and I’ve basically had an out of body experience since arrival. Here is a picture of us on Marine Drive looking good in primary colors in Maximum City!



About Rahul Vora

Foodie, Traveler, Adventurer, Nature lover, Yogi, now blogger!
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3 Responses to Primary Colors in Maximum City

  1. Nick Gefroh says:

    Great to see you in Mumbai!

  2. Geeta Rao says:

    $15 for a flower veena !!! what happened to bargaining indian style?

  3. Loving your stories! Thanks!

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