The Pink Panters


We went to see Rahul’s childhood home in Wadala this morning then moved onto Matunga for lunch. We met Geeta at the very popular Cafe Madras. The “oh my god” moment of the day was trying to find a place to pee. The toilet situation in India is really a drag. Finally, thanks to Geeta’s suggestion, I found one in a Salon. Geeta and I posed for a picture there in our pink pants.

IMG_1276At lunch I ate a superb Idli (a spongy lentil and rice pancake) and Dosa (same thing but crispy) and, once once again, Rasam, this time with dumplings. Rahul is going to show me how to make Rasam.

IDSCN0032In this picture you see the Gateway of India, a major attraction, just blocks from where we stayed. It’s time to say goodbye to the Royal Bombay Yacht Club and move onto Pune. Thank you Geeta for being our tour guide!


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1 Response to The Pink Panters

  1. Geeta Rao says:

    what a lovely picture of the pink panters -lovely to hv you both in mumbai .

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