Indian Fashion

Last night we went to dinner with Rahul’s friend’s Niverita and Debu. Niverita works with Rahul and her husband is a talented painter. They discussed which of them would be drinking since they drove their car to dinner and I don’t blame them. It seems crucial to be very alert while driving on these roads!

We are staying in a cottage on a beautiful piece of property that is part ritzy residence, part banquet hall and grounds. On our first morning we awoke to find peacocks outside. We ventured outside and saw Malabar hornbills and a lotus pond.


Today I went to a mall and tried on Saris. Many women wear the traditional sari. I was very curious about how to put it on. I walked into a store and asked them if they would show me and they were so nice. One of the salesman even did a demo on himself! So cute. I looked a little better in real life than I do in this picture but you get the idea. There is an accompanying “blouse” (which is more like a tank top) that goes under the sari but I didn’t put one on.


There are several different styles of traditional clothing in India. In addition to the sari there is a long shirt or tunic called a Kurta. I have tried on the Kurta without much success. They are like the chinese finger trap -I can get it on no problem but getting it off takes effort. I lift it up and then bounce vigorously as I wiggle out of it. The patterns can be very busy and the necklines tend to be, in my opinion, unattractive. I tried again at FabIndia several Kurtas but when I found the one I liked they didn’t have my size.

There is also the Shalwar Kameez. Shalwar are loose pajama-like trousers and Kameez is the  shirt. I’ve just been informed that Kurta and Kameez are the same. I’ve also encountered gorgeous Dupatta or scarf which is usually worn across both shoulders.


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2 Responses to Indian Fashion

  1. palantepdx says:

    I’m enjoying your writing very much. …………….much love.

  2. You look wonderful in a sari!

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