Yoga, Music and Nature

I’ve been enjoying making new friends at the yoga studio. One of my instructors, Pooja, is the first Indian I’ve met who eats brown rice! She has been a great resource, directing me to Organic Bities, a wonderful source of yummy and nutritious indian food with organic veggies and grains. She also sent me to her brothers wonderful silk shop.


Rekkha’s Yoga Studio, 2nd floor

Here is the singing class that I have been observing. Most of the students are girls and some women. At this class there was one boy. The teacher seems like a very kind person but I’m not learning too much as he teaches entirely in Hindi. But it is nice to spend an hour a week listening to the sound of beautiful voices. Hyderabad is not the kind of place where you hear music on the street unless you count the singers who call muslims to prayer.


Karnatic singing class


Singing teacher, Suryanarayana

Rahul and I went with Niverita and Debu on a hike in a remote area about 2 hours from the city. When we arrived at the Telengana Tourism desk and asked where we could do some walking or hiking. We thought they might have a trail map or brochure. But, O India, there was nothing of the kind. The man said we could walk anywhere and went us on our merry way. Here we are blazing our own trail.


Working hard to get lost.


We wandered and this is what we found!



We found the place where there is no noise, no pollution, no garbage and no people!





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