Amok In The Hammock

Kep is a beach town in the south of Cambodia. It is a “well kep” secret (har har)! We stayed at Khmer Hands a guesthouse which is a place where young people who have been orphaned can get training in hospitality. Started by Chris, who is an American, and his Cambodian wife Naomi who is herself an orphan. They are raising two small children there and everyone helps out like a big family.


We rode our bikes around town, to the beach and to the market. The town was a big time vacation scene for the French and other tourists up until the time of the Khmer Rouge when people were removed and homes were destroyed. Now it is recovered but probably not to it’s former self, as it is refreshingly underpopulated with a nice mix of local Cambodians taking advantage of the beach.


One morning we took a crab boat out to Rabbit Island.


I had read that it was a nice place to hike but we knew there was a beach there so we brought our suits. We didn’t have high expectations for the excursion so we were very pleasantly surprised. The beach was uncrowded and clean and the water was clear.


We could walk out quite a bit in the water on soft sand. We swam for most of the afternoon, interrupted only by a $3 massage. We ate fish Amok and grilled fish, proclaimed by Rahul to be our best meal in Cambodia thus far, and then lazily rocked in the hammock.


On our last evening we wandered over to the Sailing Club, where had heard there was a sunset view. When we got there the sun was just setting and we spent the greater part of an hour observing the ever changing colors of the sunset which seemed to intensify with every passing moment. It was absolutely stunning.



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