We came to Krabi after an exhaustive group tour in Burma (Myanmar), moving from place to place, following a tight schedule. Not only that but the Air Asia plane in Indonesia had gone down the same day that we were scheduled on Air Asia to Thailand. Not that our safety was in question, it just added stress to a very long travel day. Arriving at Bananas Bungalows, we were greeted by Ollie and his cast of very friendly and informative folks including Andrew who is English. Andrew’s story is very interesting. He showed up at Ollie’s on vacation and ended up being offered a job which he accepted just like that! All holiday’s should be like that. We met up with Rohan and Jill who had a separate flight from us.


Between lazily drinking beer and getting Thai massages, we spent our two days there sea kayaking. The first day we went with a guide through an area where canyons run through giant rock formations. Since Rahul had already given me some kayak training on the river in Cambodia, I at least knew which direction my oar should be in. As we began our excursion it started to rain along with some thunder and lightning! Rahul had already given me the instruction that when there is turbulent water you want to keep your oar in the water to stabilize the kayak. Thank goodness he had because for about the first 15 minutes of our adventure things were pretty exciting. We found a secret beach in the rock and cathedral like quarries within the rocks. I could tell that the guide knew that he had the best job the world!

DSCN1452DSCN1449DSCN1445 DSCN1460

Next day we rented kayaks from a restaurant at a nearby pier and went along the shoreline to rock formations on the other side of the island. We found many secret beaches and Rohan even found a rock that he could climb and then jump off of into the ocean! Jill decided to follow suit. It looked like a lot of fun!


We spent a good four hours on the water and when we returned we got lunch at the restaurant where I ate the BEST Tom Yum I’ve EVER had!

We spent New Year’s eve on Tonsai Beach, a rock climbers haven. What we did not know was that Chill Out bungalows was going to have the biggest, loudest party on the beach. They had hired one of the “top ten DJ’s in Thailand.” We were surprised when the music was jacked up a notch AFTER midnight. I was too tired to get up and join the party but too energized by the rhythmic synchopations that my ears would not let me ignore.


Next day we moved to Railey Beach which was a short 20 minute walk from Tonsai. We checked into a beautiful resort named Phutowan, nestled in the surrounding mountains and overlooking the ocean. It had a lipless pool which gave the illusion that you could just swim right into the ocean.


We said goodbye to Jill and Rohan the night before since they were leaving early in the morning. Jill wasn’t feeling well and there was some question as to whether she was going to make her flight. But by midnight we were all very sick and we all left Railey in quite a state indeed!

In order to get to the island of Ko Jum you must take a ferry and then be retrieved by a long boat sent by your resort. There were many things to like about Ko Jum but, for me, the best thing about Ko Jum was Jo and Martina. They were visiting from Germany and were very interesting and engaging. Jo is a drummer and Martina is a dancer. One of the many fascinating things about Jo and Martina is that they have been to India several times and on one of their trips they purchased a camel for a young man that they had taken a liking to. They even named the camel. Unfortunately, the camel died only a year later so they bought another camel for the man and this time named him Lucky. They have become so much a part of this mans life that they recently went to his wedding. I haven’t checked on the price of camels but, I dare say, it can’t be cheap. Such warm hearts, these two.



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