The name of this venture takes its inspiration from two beautiful Sanskrit words:

rasa [=] taste; essence; savor; juice; sauce; nectar of delight

lila [=] play; pastime; act; divine dance


Rahul Vora

I have been traveling for many years in search of nature, adventure,  culture and food. It is what wakes me up more than anything else. Whether I am trekking in the Himalayas, sea kayaking in Nicaragua, sampling street food in Mexico City or taking cooking classes in Sichuan, I am at my most alive best when I am exploring new places, people and cultures.

As much as I  love my vagabonding ways, I am also passionate about Portland, my hometown, with its own unique blend of nature, adventure, culture and food.

So, why Rasa Lila?  Through my travel experiences and from seeing my son grow up as a young world traveler and adventurer, I have come to realize that an authentic understanding and appreciation of world cultures and peoples results in a fresher, more expansive perspective on our own everyday lives, that through this global prism, we can  better glimpse the possibility of personal fulfilment, and yes, world peace.

With Rasa Lila, my mission is to open doors to an authentic experience of world cultures through food and travel to my community here in Portland. The rest is up to you!


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2 Responses to About

  1. Hey there Rahul,
    I look forward vicariously savoring the culinary and cultural highlights of your upcoming Asian trip! And to doing some cooking together when you come back. Happy trails,

  2. Ryusei Takahashi says:

    hi there.my name is Ryusei Takahashi that is from Japan.
    how have u been?? do u enjoy traveling??

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