Trek FAQ

Date of Arrival in New Delhi: 

Everyone is expected to be in New Delhi on June 9 (Day 1). There will be a group meeting at the hotel and dinner on the night of June 9.  We will  depart for the Himalayas on the morning of June 10.

We will arrive in New Delhi on June 7 and have a couple of extra days to recover from the long trip and jet lag. We will do a sight seeing trip on June 8 and check out Delhi’s fabled cuisine. 

Date of Departure from New Delhi: 

The last night of the trip is June 25. The last day of the trip is June 26 when we will depart from New Delhi.


The Indian Embassy has outsourced visa processing to

Another alternative is to use . I have found VisaHQ to be very streamlined and efficient.

Plan on 2-4 weeks of processing time for the Visa application.

On the Visa application form, you will nee the name and address of the hotel in Delhi:

Almondz Hotel
4/3 East Patel Nagar,
New Delhi 110008.
Ph- 45580000


All of us will need trekking permits which will be procured by Mountain Shepherds. You need to send me the following material for the permit application:

  1. Your name as it appears on your passport
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Passport Number
  4. Scanned image of the information page of the passport
  5. Scanned image of the Visa

Please send this material as soon as you have your visa.

Liability Waiver

Each of you will need to sign a Liability Waiver form. I will email it you soon. Please sign it and return it to me. You can snail-mail it back to me at

Rahul Vora
1088 SW Westwood Drive
Portland, OR 97239

Travel Insurance

It is required for each of us to carry travel insurance that covers emergency situations. Here’s a good source of information:


At a minimum, you need to have Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid immunizations current.  You will have to make choice regarding protection from malaria. Please talk to your Doctor and see

Using a Cell Phone in India

One option is to carry your US cell phone and get international covergae, so you can use it in India for voice/text. This can be expensive if you are planning to make long phobe calls home.  Another option is to carry an unlocked tri-band GSM phone with you and purchase a local SIM card in India. Take a look at for more information.

Gettting in Shape

YES! It is very important to be in good physical shape for the trek. You will enjoy the trek much more if you are healthy and fit. Cardio fitness is important and so is lower body fitness, paticularly quads.  Do all you can to be in good physical shape. Climbing stairs, climbing hills, biking, day hikes – these are great ways to get in shape.

Getting local currency in India

1 USD = 53 INR (approx)

You should plan to acquire local currency (Indian Rupees) for the trip when you arrive in Delhi. It will not always be easy to find ATMs or banks once we are in the mountains.

The best and the easiest way to get local currency is to use an ATM. It is a good idea to notify your bank before you leave. Another alternative is to carry Travelers Checks and exchange them at a bank in Delhi. You should also carry some USD with you.


Staying Healthy in India


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