Winter Classes

It is that time of the year, when cozy, comfort food is what sounds good and feels good.  Here’s an opportunity to expand your comfort food repertoire by incorporating some healthy and delicious ideas from Mexico and India. As usual, as much as possible, I will source the ingredients from local farmers markets.

Sunday, October 30, 3 pm – 6 pm

¡Si, se puede!

Yes, we can. A vegetarian interpretation of Mexican cooking is not only possible, it is fun and exciting. Forget rice, beans and goopy cheese. We are talking about bright, delicious, regional home cooking that will warm up any winter night. I will share some of my favorites from my travels in Mexico, from Pozole Rojo, a pre-Columbian stew made with hominy and flavored with Mexican oregano and roasted guajillo chilies, to Enchilada Toluqueña, a delicacy from the central Mexican town of Toluca, made with corn tortillas rolled with sautéed butternut squash and smothered with a warm  roasted tomatillo-poblano salsa. We will learn to make vibrant homemade salsas in a molcajete as I was taught byIrene, my teacher in Guanajuato. An then, there is chilaquiles, a breakfast favorite of Mexicans everywhere, that you don’t want to miss.


Sunday, November 13, 3 pm – 6 pm

Dal, glorious dal

For most Indians, comfort food is always a bowl of fragrant dal and rice. Dal is a soup made with one or more types of lentils and spiked with a tarka, a technique that infuses the dal with a variety of aromatic spices. Some dals, especially in southern India, incorporate a variety of vegetables. There are countless different dals in India. Every region has its distinctive style and then there are endless spicing permutations. Dals are also very nutritious and are the primary source of protein for hundreds of millions of vegetarians in the subcontinent. In this class, you will learn the principles of spicing different kinds of dals and become adept at the craft of dal-making. You will also learn to make traditional accompaniments like cucumber raita, pan-roasted golden potatoes with fenugreek greens as well as new ideas like stir-fried paneer.


Cost: $60 per class.

Maximum 6 students.

To sign up, Email Rahul or call 503 210 5499

The classes will be held at
1088 SW Westwood Drive
Portland, OR 97239


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